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Was Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell Robbed at Miss Universe 2015?

At the 63rd annual Miss Universe Competition on Sunday, Jan. 25, 2015, in Miami, Miss Jamaica, 22 year old Kaci Fennell was the favourite to win the title. However, she ended up coming in fourth place behind Ukraine, the Netherlands, the U.S. and the title holder, Miss Colombia Paulina Vega.

The audience erupts with boos when Kaci Fennell, the 22-year-old model from was declared fourth-runner up. The consensus on social media: Fennell was robbed of the title as many people believe it was because of her short hair and race

“I don’t have long tresses like everyone else,” Fennell said before her Miss Universe 2015 defeat. “I’m just representing myself and that's what beauty pageants are all about. You don’t have to look a certain way ... and I feel like I represent that.”

Shortly after Fennell left the stage in the 63rd annual contest, her name began trending on Twitter along with the hashtag #MissJamaicaShouldHaveWon.

Some of the twitter comments..............

Stephen Gunter @stephengunter

With the sponsor being a hair care company you just knew that #kacifennell wasn't going to get Miss Photogenic

Rafaelina Siri @raphaelacecilja

I love that #MissJamaica is wearing her hair this short length! She's probably the first beauty contestant to do that. #MissUniverse

Samy Nemir Olivares @Samynemir

It looks like #MissUniverse's world isn't ready to a black, elegant, short hair and INTELLIGENT woman as #MissJamaica

As we all share our opinions of why Miss Fennell didn’t win, her lost might not be in her looks or race but rather how she answered her final question during the Q&A portion of the pageant: "What is the greatest contribution of your country to the entire world?"

"As we all know, we have the home to the legendary Usain Bolt and Bob Marley, who have contributed such great music to this world, and we have the fastest man alive," said Kaci.

Here again, there was mixed reaction to her response, as some viewers thought the response was great, others felt it wasn’t as "eloquent" as the other contestants.

Even though she didn’t win her fierce personality and refreshing look captivated viewers. After her loss Kaci showed us why we love her by tweeting.

Kaci Fennell @KaciFen

Matters not what the outcome may be, because tonight marks only the beginning

Who do you think deserved to win Miss Universe 2015?

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