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Health: Body Wuk Fitness

To attain your best beauty, it is so important to make sure you work from the inside, out and BODY WUK FITNESS got it ALL the way RIGHT!

The most preferred and rated workout phenomenon based in Florida is internationally becoming the #1 way to ‘WUK’ that unwanted weight away. There is no better person than the stunningly fit (as she is beautiful) and ever-so humble CEO, Halcy, spills the tea on how she got this ingenious idea, how ‘wukkin’ & twerking’ counts, how her Jamaican and Trinidadian along with classical training turned her hobby into a lucrative business and the BEST tips to get your BEST New Years BODY that she shared with us without having to pay an entrance admission exclusive to only C.E.M readers!

To read full interview with Halcy, read our Current Issue


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