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International Dance Festival Inaugurated in Varadero, Cuba

The 5th "Varadero Dances" International Festival began on Tuesday in that famous beach resort, organized by Paradiso, a company specialized in cultural tourism on the island.

The Festival, which will end on February 14, is considered by the company as a special occasion, for the opportunity it provides to know more about salsa and other Cuban rhythms, in addition to enjoying classes, workshops and music to dance to.

The inaugural gala took place at La Comparsita cultural center while a concert by the Buena Vista Social Club Project and the groups Legendarios and Sierra Maestra has been scheduled for Wednesday at the Plaza America Convention Center.

Also scheduled for Wednesday is a salsa marathon, while on Thursday participants will be able to enjoy a rumba evening and on Friday there will be a casino dance competition.

A special evening has been programmed for Valentine's Day at Varadero's Amphitheater, 140 kilometers east of Havana.

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