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Leonardo DiCaprio to open his own resort in Belize

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio will be opening up his own resort in Belize. He recently purchased the Blackadore Caye, an unpopulated island off the island. He is partnering with New York City-based developer Delos to build a luxury, environmentally friendly resort.

According to a report from The New York Times, DiCaprio plans to “create an eco-conscious resort” on Blackadore Caye, his private island in Belize. The environmentally-conscious actor is partnering with NYC developer Delos on the resort, which will be called “Blackadore Caye, a Restorative Island.”

The resort is set to open sometime in 2018 and will feature 68 villas, infinity pools and amenities like special lighting that encourages sleep. The New York Times also reports that Deepak Chopra will “spearhead a program focused on health and anti-aging” at the resort.

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