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Phil Nessy Releases Promotional Video for ‘LOVE YOUR LIFE CAMPAIGN"

Phil Nessy and his LOVE YOUR LIFE FOUNDATION have just released the first promotional video for their ‘LOVE YOUR LIFE CAMPAIGN’, and would like to take the opportunity to share it with everyone. Nessy has embarked on this campaign as part of an effort resulting from the numerous suicides and murders that have taken place recently which is destroying our families and communities.

The campaign is applicable to everyone but emphasis is placed on the youth as they are the ones who need the most guidance. If children can embrace this concept of ‘Love Your Life’ they are less likely to get into trouble, and would be more willing to make the necessary efforts to achieve their goals and become productive members of society. We must invest in the children self-esteem just as much as we invest in their education.

Nessy who is one of St Lucia’s best artist/songwriter based in the USA, is getting ready to release his fourth album entitled 'My Life' in the summer of 2015. His love for humanity has propelled him to write songs about equality, love and freedom. Since we are challenged with the experiences of our society, Nessy strongly believes in the advocacy of sharing and caring for all people and emphasizes that we must learn the key lesson that life is worth living.

The foundation is getting ready to release a series of videos promoting the concept of ‘LOVE YOUR LIFE’ and is also working with other organizations towards activities that promote the same.

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