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Singer Anthony B was arrested in Trinidad

Jamaican entertainer Keith "Anthony B" Blair was arrested in Port of Spain, Trinidad after performing at the Redemption 2 concert.

An arrest warrant was issued for Anthony B after promoter Barry Lewis claimed he owed him money and Lewis's attorneys filed an application for a Fugae warrant under the Absconding Debtors Act. A judge Justice Andre Des Vignes ordered that court marshals immediately arrest Blair.

In court documents Lewis stated that Blair had failed to perform at a concert on Independence Day 2013, after an agreement was made between one of Blair's booking agents for Blair to perform at the concert in Trinidad. Lewis claimed spent $73,126 to secure the services for the concert's headline performer. The amount represented the deposit for Blair's performance and airfare for him and his representatives.

Lewis also stated that on August 28, 2013 he was informed that Blair could not meet his contractual obligation. Lewis hired two other performers. A video of Blair's apology for his absence was shown to patrons at the concert.

Court documents state that Blair failed to compensate Lewis and Lewis sued Blair claiming damages for breach of contract, interest and cost.

Blair was later release and ordered to pay Lewis US$7,000 immediately and the balance of $27,976 on or before June 30 with cost in the sum of $5,000.

Lewis was represented by attorneys Michael Rooplal and Carina Jailal. Attorney Fitzgerald Hinds appeared on Blair's behalf.

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