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Sgt Remo Releases Sizzling New Video

Jah Yute Entertainment (JYE) releases Sgt Remo’s latest official video titled Give Thanks for Life. This is the album's title track and is one of the strongest cuts on the record. Give Thanks for Life urges the celebration of life’s blessings that are oftentimes taken for granted. Sgt Remo penned the song after experiencing his daughter’s battle with cancer which she triumphantly defeated. “Give thanks for life, give thanks for joy, give thanks for the opportunity to live my life.” He goes on to champion all women in this song acknowledging the hardships they experience as mothers, and often as single parents. He states “give thanks for mama, set the rule and the order. Without a father, she is the mama and the dada.”

The video was artfully directed and filmed by Iriemedia Films in beautiful Mexico City. The city's rich history provided a perfect backdrop for this video. Much of the filming took place in the historic site of Tlatelolco where, in 1968, thousands of demonstrating students were caught in a rain of bullets by the presidential forces. The site, and the tragic event that took place, continue to foster in the minds of the Mexican people. This song and this beautiful video celebrate life and the moving forward in the midst of adversity. The song was produced by Spain’s Rey JahB Estudio. The album features 13 solid tracks with production by long time Sgt Remo collaborator Pedro Hernandez from EA Productions (St. Petersburg, FL) and an array of producers from around the world. This summer Sgt Remo continues touring in support of the album promotion with a Columbia and Mexico tour this July.

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