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Tanya Stephens performs LIVE at the next GIRLFRIENDZ

Kingston, Jamaica: The monthly Girlfriendz – Cocktailz & Conversationz series features its first LIVE performance edition with singer/songwriter Tanya Stephens. The theme for this staging, scheduled for July 26 at ABAR Restaurant and Lounge, Springs Plaza; is Wifey Versus Matey. Promoter and host, Shelly-Ann ‘Dr Sexy-Ann’ Weeks says that the wifey-matey discussion is usually had in isolation based on one party’s perspective but this conversation will address what she believes is the real issue about this dynamic.

“The “Wifey”“Matey” title is all about the man and It’s time for women to stop defining themselves base on how men see them”, she said. “Men have been allowed to betray women and get away with it long enough and it’s time for ladies to hold them accountable and stop fighting each other.” She continued, “Tanya Stephens is the perfect fit for this staging because she has addressed the love triangle relationship brilliantly in her music. With songs like “Tek Im Back”, “Still ago Loose Him” “To the Rescue” “It’s a Pity” among others, she will be an excellent boost to the event”. The conversation, of course takes place in the Ask Him Segment that usually includes men on the panel. It will be interesting to hear what they have to say on this very real situation.

In addition to Tanya’s performance and the panel discussion, Girlfriendz will definitely feature its usual segments, including Seduction, Self Defense Classes, games and giveaways. Of course Dr Sexy-Ann will be engaging the conversation about Sex Love and Relationships. Admission for entry is $1000 (Buy 3 tickets get 1 free – Presold only) $1500 at the door and fun starts at 6:30pm. Tickets are available at and Abar Restaurant & Lounge or call 798-0820 for more information.

Girlfriendz – Cocktails and Conversations is sponsored by LIME, Smirnoff Vodka, and Baileys Irish Cream.

“Girlfriendz – Cocktailz & Conversationz is all about empowering women and helping them embrace who they really are,” says Dr Sexy-Ann.

Girlfriendz targets women but men are definitely invited to attend. See you Sunday

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