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Miss Cayman Islands Toni Chisholm Behaving Badly

(CNS): Miss Cayman Islands has been behaving badly, it appears, as the pageant committee has issued a disciplinary letter to the beauty queen over her conduct and the performance of her duties. Officials from the Miss Cayman Islands Committee are remaining mum on the details of Toni Chisholm’s alleged bad behavior but sources tell CNS that the North Side woman has been partying a little hard, dressing inappropriately and, above all, not turning up for or fulfilling the obligations that come with the tiara and the sash.

The committee appears to have lost the battle to keep a lid on the mischief that Miss Cayman Islands seems to have been getting up to and has admitted that the 26-year-old from North Side needs some coaching before she represents Cayman in the Miss Universe contest later this year.

In response to enquiries about what the trouble was, committee chair Derri Dacres-Lee told CNS that the matter of Miss Cayman’s conduct had been resolved and she has accepted that the disciplinary warning was warranted and “improvements need to be made to ensure that going forward, she performs her duties in accordance with her contract”.

As a result, it appears that the pageant queen will be receiving extra support and coaching on what is expected of her as the titleholder of Miss Cayman Islands.

“The committee is now meeting to discuss the areas where Tonie needs additional assistance and identify the most effective ways to provide that supplementary support,” she said, adding that the committee wanted to move forward to provide her “with the coaching she evidently needs”.

Pointing out that the Cayman Islands will be participating in the Miss Universe pageant, where Chisholm will compete alongside experienced contestants from all over the world, Dacres-Lee said, “Preparing for an international event of this caliber takes intense training and a lot of hard work. The Committee is working in earnest to ensure that Tonie is fully prepared for the pageant and supported within a positive environment while this is taking place.”

Sources tell CNS that this is not the first warning Miss Cayman has received for behaving badly and raises the question about the selection process just as the committee begins the hunt for contestants for the 2016 pageant.

Choosing not to outline the conduct which has led to the concerns and the need for her extra coaching and support, the committee said in a statement to Cayman 27 that it was disappointed the matter had reached the public domain.

“It is unfortunate that details of an issue concerning Miss Cayman that has already been handled and resolved by the Miss Cayman Islands committee have now become public bringing unnecessary scrutiny to what is essentially an internal matter.”

However, in the committee’s own words the role is far from a private one, as winners receive a four-year scholarship to attend university overseas, which is funded by government.

On its website the committee states that the Miss Cayman title is not just a beauty pageant “but an opportunity for young ladies to further their education and become leaders within our community”.

According to the terms and conditions on the sites, application forms holders are expected to act as ambassadors for the Cayman Islands at home and abroad. The winner signs a contract with the Department of Tourism and the website sets out clearly the expectations of crown holders to behave with decorum and not commit any immoral or illegal act that could bring the pageant into disrepute.

Titleholders also attend the Miss Word and Miss Universe contests on behalf of the country, although Chisholm has passed the age limit for Miss World and will not attend the contest.


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