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Meet Tenza A.K.A The Bosslady

Hailing from Kempshot of Montego Bay Jamaica, Tenza A.K.A The Bosslady is a musical angel in disguise. Born and raised in a family of fifteen, which consisted of nine brothers and Five sisters, she grew up in a life of struggle and disappointment so she certainly knows how to appreciate all of her blessings that she has been given and her musical talent was definitely one of those blessings not taken for granted. Tenza left Jamaica when she was only fourteen to reside in the UK, in the town of Slough. For Tenza it was a difficult time leaving all her friends and family to begin a whole new life in England. At first, she found it hard adjusting to the new culture especially in school.

As time went by Tenza made new friends when she started to attend the slough youth center music classes. Tenza then felt at home as she now found her joy, which is music., She started to attend dance classes, singing classes and entering competitions, put on by the slough youth center. Tenza has always retained a strong passion for Dancehall and Reggae music that was so prominent in her life. Living the life she lived back in Jamaica, it was the empowering and highly uplifting sounds of Bob Marley, Yellow Man, Beres Hammond, Bounty Killer, Denis Brown, Lady Saw, Super Cat and Beenie Man that kept her faith and hope strong throughout all these years to make it and become what she has become today.

Overcoming many obstacles, Tenza’s skills had created an opportunity for her to become a member the electric trio ‘Fya’ - the formerly Def Jam signed female dancehall group. ‘Too Hot’ and ‘Must Be Love’ being a couple of the many hits Gold selling ‘Fya’ released. Since Tenza departed from the group FYA in 2009, she has being working very hard on her solo career. She even started up her own record label “ TMD Records” for Tenza this was the most important decision she has ever had to make as she has been approached on countless occasions by major labels, but have turned the offers down to focus on her own label. Since the start of her label Tenza released three solo studio albums “ Ready Back” “Wicked Like Me” and “ Pon Dem Endz Again” to go with a number of Eps, and two official promotional mixtapes. In Spite of all this Tenza as been working vigorously day and night in the studio to complete her 4th studio album, the album which will be featuring a number of productions from Tenza’s own TMD Records. Tenza has not only been working with top European producers but top Jamaican producers as well, as she pushes her solo career as a sing-jay in the music industry, so far Tenza has been getting heavy air play on a number of Internet, FM and digital radios and also featured and a number of mixed tapes and other compilation Cd's around the world. Tenza has surrounded herself with a positive group of people who have been pushing countless promotions in their aim to get Tenza’s message across to the world, Even though most of her tracks has been holding radios in submission world wide, Tenza still continue to work hard to master her craft as an recordings artist. Tenza as a recording artist have complete several musical tours across the world in countries such as India, Japan, Malaysia, Sweden, Austria, Gambia and Uganda to name a few, and have received several awards including the CMA award for best International cross over artist and best female dancehall solo artist of the year 2013 DIA UK awards. Tenza have also being doing a number of work for charities including Sue Ryder Midnight all female 10km walk, a proud sponsors of Buckingham All-age school in her native Jamaica, Tenza Fan Club in Brikarma Gambia and Also the Brikarma Health Centre of which she being name goodwill ambassador. Tenza work as an artist being chronicled by a number of reggae magazines, new papers and blog sites world wide and have being recently scouted by the BBC to co-host with the UK top dancehall dj Robbo Ranxx on BBC 1xtra for the month of May 2013. Tenza sees herself as role model for all young females who want to make it in life whether in the music industry or anything other fields, her message is always the same stand strong and work towards your dreams and goals.

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