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The Caribbean first supermodel - Althea Laing

“A beauty without bounds” the gorgeous and ageless Althea Laing in 1985 became the Caribbean’s first supermodel by appearing on the cover of Essence magazin

Laing on the cover of Essence

The former model nicknamed “The star girl” by her dad changed the way the world saw Caribbean models. She went on to grace many other covers, Essence in 1990, Ebony, Chic, Black Elegance and Caribbean Lifestyle.

Indeed, Althea Laing is a woman who keeps you on your toes. The stereotypical notion of models being airheads could never be said of Laing. A daughter of Black River, St. Elizabeth, she boasts that her parish was the first to receive electricity in the island.

After being the fashion face of the 80s and early 90s, she went on to embrace another of her passions, teaching.

Laing founded proud the English Language Academy a tutoring service located in Mandeville, Manchester that caters to students from different schools in and around the parish.

Althea is now focused on what was important to her, which was first and foremost family.

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