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Meet Upcoming Artist "Kurry Stain"

Adrian Lloyd Sabastine Currie, a.k.a. ‘Kurry Stain’, was born in the parish of St. Thomas, Jamaica on the 16th of December 1993. A Christian family raised him in Portland, where his musical background started in the church. He was also in his school choir as a tenor singer and a drummer.

In 2006, Kurry Stain won a LIME deejaying competition on the Denbigh show grounds, winning the prize of a new LIME phone.

He attended Portland High School and graduated with 4 CXC subjects. At the age of 18, Kurry Stain went to the heart of Kingston to pursue his musical career.

"I came to Kingston and decided I had to enter some kind of talent competition so I could get a producer or manager to see the potential in me, so I tried KFC On The Verge and went to the finals but did not win. I then entered Magnum Kings and Queens but due to low votes I fell out after the first performance."

A huge opportunity came his way when Kurry Stain heard about the Dancehall star Popcaan’s event, UNRULY CLASH, that hosts upcoming artists whilst they compete lyrically for the title of clash champion.

"I went to the clash and lyrically slewed everything weeks upon weeks, generating a huge buzz for me from May 2013 until now (2014). Shortly after which, producer Justus Arison was the man who saw and heard the potential in me and recorded my first official mainstream song, and has now signed me as one of his artistes on the JA Productions team." Kurry Stain said.

Kurry Stain scored big with his breakthrough single ‘Party Nice’ on the High Life Riddim in 2014. He has not looked back since and has a new hit, ‘Sky Pree’, on JA Productions' most recent project, Life Support Riddim, released in 2015.

Kurry Stain is one of the hardest working artistes in show business today. Armed with his witty rhymes and incredible stage presence, he immediately "stains" your memory once you have heard his songs on the radio, or seen him perform live.

Kurry Stain continues to look to the future and hone his craft, developing his talent and skill, and putting in the work that it takes to have an impacting and long lasting career in Dancehall music.

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