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New Artist - R&B Singer Nheon

Kimberly Dunkley aka “Nheon” is a West Indies born singer-songwriter. Endowed with a strong cultural affiliation to music, and a heavy dose of natural talent.

Nheon started writing her own songs at a very age, which didn't go unnoticed by mother Sandra Dopson -who was once a popular vocalist in their country Trinidad. Her mother encouraged and nurtured her gifts foreseeing the potential her daughter possessed. Coming from a long line of singers and musicians, some would say it's no surprise her passion lies with music, but to Nheon and her family it was destiny! As much an adventurer as she is a musician, she traveled to Europe and was exposed to a different world of music she was not that familiar with, pop! Incorporating pop into her already fused style she created a genre of her own!

Fans are extremely important to Nheon, fame and stardom however are illusionary. For she, views her position as an artist to be a sacred trust, a trust that is best honored serving humanity. Her genuine benevolence is reflected through an unwavering commitment to spread peace and love to those in need throughout the world.

When it comes to music Nheon is a risk taker, but still a perfectionist, passionate yet meticulous! Accomplishing her musical goals is a magical experience for her. She wants her music to be a "magical mystery ride" she quotes from one of her favorite songs, All of Me by John Legend.

"Music is life and all its drama! The good, the bad and the ugly, and I love that. Music can have so many faces and still be appealing! That to me is outstanding! So I love letting music reveal my different moods and attitudes. I also want people to know they're not alone. You see when I listen to a song that is about a topic that I might be presently in, I feel understood, not as alone, we all need a little comfort now and then, or a little reminder we're all in this together…"

Now in the United States, Nheon has mastered a sound unlike any other working with some of the world’s leading producers. Meanwhile building an online “buzz” with covers and original music! Nheon is primed and ready to take the music world by storm.

Look for the beautiful and talented Nheon on her new release entitled Like A River, now available on Itunes.!

Stay connected to Nheon by visiting her website:

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