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Pum Pum Socks Cofounder Teams up with Adidas - Pum Pum Socks x Adidas Adilette

After partnering the Adidas, Jamaican-British stylist Savannah Baker, co-founder of Pum Pum Socks, took her latest collaboration back to her roots, Jamaica to create Pum Pum Socks x Adidas Adilette.

In homage to her native Patois (patwah) Baker adds a touch to the Adidas signature slides with common slang like “tun up,” “bruk out,” and “gyal dem.” They are printed on slides that reflect Jamaica’s national colors of green, black, red, and gold.

Baker along with her partner, Gemma Shane, initially started Pum Pum Socks in 2014. The candy colored "Candy Ragga" frilly socks can be seen on the likes of Lana Del Rey, Rita Ora, Jungle Pussy, Azealia Banks, Phoebe Collings-James, and Wynter Gordon.

Rihanna in a pair of "Pum Pum socks

A favorite of another Caribbean gyal Rihanna, who recently wore a pair of the red, green, and yellow socks to her assistant’s 4/20-themed wedding.

The term “pum pum,” in Jamaican patois, cheekily refers to a woman’s “lady parts”. Feel the rhythm this season as Pum Pum Socks set the beat.

Would you rock a pair of the Pum Pum socks or Pum Pum Socks x Adidas Adilette?

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