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Barbados Rising Star R&B Singer Nikita

Hailing from the beautiful Island of Barbados Nikita’s music is a fusion of all sounds - R&B/Soul music, Pop, Alternative, always with the sweet base and music of the Caribbean.

She is vision of Caribbean beauty and her voice will take you on an escape, to a world of soul, expression and richness that grips her every fibre as a Caribbean woman! Her sound is eclectic, with Caribbean rhythm at its base and fused with sounds of other genres, ultimately enveloping your ears with a sound that croons and sooths your soul. As destiny would have it, Nikita was born into a family of great singers and song competition winners, names synonymous with music in Barbados. It is no wonder that from age 4, she dominated the stage! That first performance at her pre-school graduation led to performances at school, church and family gatherings creating the foundation that has ultimately resulted in Nikita performing on almost every major stage in Barbados and dominating competitions along her path! In 2007, Nikita shared the stage with the Queen of Soul herself, Patti Labelle, at the Hilton Barbados; an opportunity that is revered by singers across the globe! Nikita has established a deep-seated presence in the hearts of Barbadians. For the last three years has serenaded tourists to the islands’ shores as the guest singer at the 5 star hotel, The Sandy Lane Hotel Barbados, known as the premier address of the region, hosting royalty, celebrities and the rich with the likes of Queen Elizabeth II, Oprah Winfrey and Tiger Woods. Nikita is intent on sharing her Barbadian voice and expression with the rest of world, warming hearts, provoking smiles and being the messenger of inspiration for her listeners.

Red carpet moment at the Barbados Music awards 2016, where she took home the “Breakthrough Award” for her achievement

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