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Interview: Miss Race Course, Mickayla Williams, a girl from a small community with big dreams

15 years old Mickayla Williams dream one day of becoming a lawyer or an actress. She hails from Race Course, a small community in Clarendon, Jamaica, where she is a student of Garvey Maceo High. She enjoys reading, dancing, and surfing the internet.

Recently Williams started seeing some of her dreams becoming a reality after winning the Miss Race Course Pageant. Winning this pageant was just the stepping stone for a talented and ambitious young lady with big dreams

CEM had the chance to do Q&A the reigning Queen.....

What one word best describes you?

Determined- I believe there is nothing in this world too high or difficult to achieve if you only believe.

What was it like for you winning the Miss Race Course pageant?

I was excited and overwhelmed - I felt wonderful about winning a competition of this magnitude. It shows that hard work pays off. Each day, I was on time for practice and on pageant I eagerly wanted to showcase my talent and dazzle the crowd eyes with my beauty. Indeed, I was victorious, I was awarded: Miss Congenial, Best Talent and the greatest award the title of Miss Race Course 2015.

How has your life changed since then? I have become a role model to young girls in my community. I am also now better known in the community and people who I’ve only seen once knows a lot about me through the Miss Race Course Pageant.

Why did you enter the competition? Each year watching the ladies at the Miss Race Course Pageant inspired me, as I admired their confidence, talent pieces and elegance. This pushed me into entering, so I could get my own exposure.

Did you feel you stood the chance of winning after you saw your other counterparts? After meeting the contestants, there was one particular person who seemed to be my only challenge, however, after practicing each day I watched her keenly and worked twice as hard on her weak areas. Also, I had confidence in myself and was very determined; I never gave up or saw myself less than a winner. What quality/ies you have that sets you apart from the other contestants? I am a very friendly person, and I got along well with all the contestants, if any, of the girls wanted help, I was always there to help. I think this quality helped a lot and that's why I was awarded Miss congenial. This prized was voted on by the contestants. What was the most challenging part for you during the contest? After entering, it was a little difficult to manage my time between school and the pageant. Having to write my introduction, practicing my questions, creating my original talent piece and at the same time studying for exams, doing homework and the most interesting part which was seeking votes for the Miss Popular sectional prize on Facebook. However, I dedicated the right amount of time each day to each task. As the title holder, you are now an Ambassador for your community, what do you hope to accomplish during your reign? As the title holder, I hope to get more young women active in their community, I hope to motivate and inspire them into being the best at whatever they want to do.

For those of our readers who don’t know about Race Course what kind of community is it? Race Course is a humble community; it produces some exceptional people who are doing tremendously well in giving back to the community and being positive role models, like Mr. Khino Dunn the promoter of the pageant show.

Do you think more role models are needed in your community?

Race Course really needs more role models for the young people in the community to follow. More role models like Khino Dunn and his family (the promoter) are needed in Race Course to help develop the community.

Who is your role model?

My Aunt Candian Thomas is my role model because she believes in herself and tries to stay humble and that was what I did while I participated in this pageant

What do you think is needed in the community to make it better?

I believe that life is much more than riches and fame, therefore, the community it will take more than just money to build a great community. We need more jobs and role models, especially for young people.

I admire people who believe in themselves and manage his/her family, try to help others and at the same time remain humble.

What advice would you give to young girls wanting to enter Miss Race Course?

My advice to young girls wanting to enter this competition is to be determined and believe in themselves because nothing is too hard to achieve.

Is this end of your pageant journey or do you have hopes of entering other pageants?

No, I hope to enter the Miss Clarendon pageant

What is your career ambition? My ambition is to become a lawyer; this drives me to stay focused and to thrive for excellence in all I do

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I have fallen in love with begin a queen so I have decided that after finishing my study at the Garvey Maceo High School, I will enter the Miss Clarendon pageant. Who knows, maybe someday I will be crown Miss World. My community members appreciate me for making the proud. I represented them in such a fine style.


About the Miss Race Course Pageant

The Miss Race Course Pageant started 8 years ago, for you girls in Race Course and adjoining Communities to compete for the title. This competition is one of the biggest community outings where families come together to witness and support our diverse and talented young women. The Pageant seeks to build and uplift the community through youth development and empowerment. The pageant is also a great way to foster harmonious relationships between the people of Race Course and adjoining communities.


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