The Most Fabulous Vacation Villa in Tobago: Villa Being

Misleading headline alert: I do indeed deem Villa Being the most fabulous villa on the Caribbean island of Tobago. But in fact the uber-chic property actually feels not like one villa but many—a collection of marvelous mini-homes that seem to have miraculously sprouted in the hills of a lush tropical rainforest, obliterating the line between inside and out.

Villa Being, Tobago

The property is just 20 minutes from the airport, in the town of Arnos Vale , but you’d never know it; 180 feet above the Caribbean Sea, nestled amid the mangoes, coconuts and papayas of a five-acre organic-fruit estate, Villa Being is not so much otherworldly as no-worldly: Stay here and suddenly there is no world but this very lovely, very faraway one. The décor is essentially Caribbean chic—think bright tropical colors, vivid Carnival CCL -0.61% masks and Caribbean culture books scattered about—but postmodern-pastiche touches, like church-style spires and a bit of Spanish hacienda flair, are playfully perfect. Behold the best features of this best villa:

THE BEING SCULPTURE It’s the first thing you lay eyes on upon entering the villa gate: a blue-tiled square in the midst of a grassy terrace, surrounded by four white pillars. What is it?A Yoga pavillian? A funky walk-in sculpture? The caretaker said something about Feng Shui and “cleansing energy” and morning meditation, but whatever it is, I love it.

THE POOL It’s said to be an engineering marvel: the only pool in the Caribbean built entirely on stilts. And it feels like one, so precipitously perched over a seaside cliff that every time you swim in the salt water—no chlorine here!—you imagine you’re about to plunge directly into Caribbean waters.

Infinity pool at Villa Being

THE ROMANTIC ROOM Villa Being has three separate bedrooms, a glass-enclosed living room, a high-tech kitchen and several open dining areas, all connected by stone walkways and grassy lawns. But the “Romantic Room” is the crown jewel of them all. A four-poster bed is surrounded by a dozen doors opening to the sea; a charming loft overhead provides access to a private-pool terrace, and the spacious bathroom is in its own luxurious cove next door.

THE SHOWERS Each bedroom features an outdoor shower. Not just any outdoor shower: Like the pool, all hang dramatically over the cliff, as if suspended in mid-air. I waved to passing yachts while washing my hair.