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Dancehall Brukout Jam Packed With The Hits

R-DM Digital Inc has released its debut project, an 18 track various artistes compilation Dancehall Brukout Vol.1 which is laden with hits from some of dancehall music's most prolific stars.

Executive producer Adrian 'Donsome' Hanson spoke about the concept behind the project.

'It came about while I was thinking that we often have lovers songs for the masses but there aren't many raw dancehall albums that can put lovers in the mood just like an album with love songs', Hanson explained.

Among the project's 18 tracks are 2 skits as well as an outro from in demand dancehall personality Tanto Blacks.

The list of producers whose tracks are featured on the compilation include Hanson, Peter "shady" Harrison, Jheneal "Jay Crazie" Witter, Kerishma "ZJ Dymond" Davis, Richard "Richie Loop" Webb, Earl "Trobak" Taylor, Oneil "Clarkie" Clarke, Kimani Smith and Roel Powell.

Hanson stated why it was necessary to release a compilation of raw undiluted dancehall songs at this time.

'Well the album was 99% ready from last year but I did not want to release it in the Christmas season as this album is obviously different from other albums that were being released, so I decided to release it in February because this will gave my team enough time to make ensure the album is well promoted', said Hanson.

Among the artistes featured are Demarco, Vybz Kartel, Ding Dong, RDX, Pamputtae, Rage, Konshens, Tiana, Lady Saw, Richie Loop, Beenie Man and Harry Toddler.

He revealed how the songs were selected.

'I was given over 50 songs to choose from so I started to go back and forth on some songs, driving around New York and Miami listening to the tracks for about 2 months, so it was a long process to finally cut it down to 14 songs and the skits. Once I decided on the songs, I made sure to secure all the licensing agreements'.

Dancehall Brukout Vol. 1 is available for pre-order here and will release on February 25th


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