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Behind The Scenes/Teaser of Dancehall & Reggae Artist Lex-A-Million "Aye Gyal" Upcomin

Jamaica, U.S.A (MPR Consulting) - After recently releasing the hit bound track "Aye Gyal" to positive feedback, Dancehall/Reggae artist Lex-A-Million is gearing up for the premiere of the single's video. Filmed in Hartford, Connecticut with scenes out of Exclusive Cuts a local barber shop, Destiny Awaits Restaurant, club/bar Sunset Cafe, and 3digital studio and designs. The video captures the fun and sexy essence of the buzzworthy single. The St.Mary, Jamaica native explains "It's a story based video where there's this girl that I keep seeing who I am immediately attracted to but every time we encounter it's always at an insignificant point for me until finally I get a chance to make my move and execute." Directed and shot by Jaden Thomas of 3digital photography and design, the video also has a cameo by Paul Range. "Aye Gyal" video is slated for release in the next 2 weeks

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