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New book "The Calypso Killing" sheds light on the assassination of Trinidad and Tobago Pro

As a drug war rages across the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, assassins target star prosecutor Dana Seetahal in a midnight ambush. The nation is shocked by the crime, and soon whispers of conspiracy point to

Colombian drug cartels, Venezuelan arms smugglers, and a local religious community with a secret political agenda. When the FBI gets involved, the murder appears to be much more than a local matter, and the hunt

for Dana Seetahal’s killers becomes a case of misdirection and double meanings. In the end, the words of a fiercely committed prosecutor return, and Dana Seetahal asks her final, devastating question.

The Calypso Killing is an inquiry into the life of an extraordinary person and a portrait of the country she died for: a true crime story that takes you into the back streets of a Caribbean outsiders rarely see.

Longer than a magazine article but shorter than a book, the story brings readers along on journalist Tom Zoellner’s frontline reporting in Trinidad, from the pulsating capital Port of Spain, into the minds of island

police detectives, and the sudden winds of a tropical hurricane.

The Calypso Killing is the story of a local hero who was “Trini to the bone” facing the contradiction of the American drug fight. It’s a story dug from back alleys, an uncomfortable truth tirelessly puzzled together from whispers: a calypso.


Tom Zoellner is the author of four nonfiction books including Train: Riding the Rails that Created the Modern World, from the Trans-Siberian to the Southwest Chief (Penguin-Random House, 2014). His journalism has

appeared in The Atlantic, Harper's, Foreign Policy, The Oxford American, Men's Health, Time, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Departures, and many other publications. He is an Associate Professor of English at Chapman University and lives in downtown Los Angeles.


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