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Reggae Revival Gone Global Again with Sara Lugo & Friends

Sara Lugo's rise on the Reggae scene seems as effortless as her sultry, soulful sound. Lugo, a German Reggae-Soul singer with Puerto Rican roots, has been touring internationally recruiting 'Soldiers of Love' in South America, Europe, the U.S.A. and the Caribbean.

Her new album, Sara Lugo & Friends, is a multi-national collaboration featuring Protoje (Jamaica), Ras Muhammad (Indonesia) and Phases Cachées (France), among other European & Caribbean artists. The official video for the first single Rejoice has amassed over 47,000 views since premiered it in February. Really Like You featuring Protoje and High & Windy featuring Kabaka Pyramid have 3 million and 2.5 million views respectively. The Sara Lugo & Friends compilation includes covers of familiar favourites like Phyllis Dillon's "Don't Stay Away" and "Riding High on a Windy Day" by The Paragons. Rejoice featuring Jah9, the queen of Jazz-on-Dub, is an irresistible call to action for the women of Earth. Wine Now featuring Cali P adds some sass and dancehall energy to the mix. The 'people's choice' Mr. Ray Darwin, Joseph Cotton and Lutan Fyah also contributed to the compilation.

Sara has been touring steadily since the release of What About Love (2012) and her sophomore project, Hit Me With Music (2014). This year, she launches the Soldiers of Love Tour. Lugo is the headline performer at the Fyah Red Music Festival in Costa Rica in March. In the summer, she will play with the Next Generation Family at festivals in the U.S.A., Mexico, Panama and across Europe, including the Summerjam Festival (Germany) that boasts an annual audience of 30,000 strong. Sara Lugo started as a background vocalist in the studio of Umberto Echo, mixing engineer and partner in Oneness Records, who is currently her main producer and a significant influence behind Sara's bid to launch her solo career.

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