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Caribbean Chef Jason Howard Nominated for UK's Ethnic Chef Of The Year Award

Chef Jason Howard has been busy publishing pictures of his work to an audience of 85,000 followers online. With his Instagram account being described as an online gallery of culinary mastery and food artistry. His plating skills caught the amazement of the industry and many fellow chefs alike, which eventually landed him a spot on MasterChefs: The Professionals in 2015. Finishing up a quarter-finalist, with all three judges highly impressed by the standard of his food and presentation.

This he will be involved in Barbados 50th celebrations events in the UK and has been nominated for Ethnic Chef Of The Year Award.

In addition Chef Jason Howard finished a social media #ILoveCaribbean food initiative with the Caribbean Tourism Organism earlier in March.

Chef Jason Howard is currently a Chef consultant specialising menu design, food styling, plating and food presentation for restaurants and event companies.

Aside from this he's involved in mentoring other chefs and set up the Caribbean Culinary Collective, a showcase of talented chef's in or from the Caribbean putting flavour, skill and taste from the islands on the international map.

Although trained and experienced in classic and modern French techniques, Howard's passion lies in Modern caribbean cuisine reflecting his roots, as he hails from the same country as Rihanna, Barbados. Many of his dishes and plates reflect the vibrant sunshine and tropical colours that really bring a real contrast and visual pop in images, especially in his salads.

Many of the photographs are shot on a mobile phone, mostly in natural light from several angles and then one or two are selected to be uploaded, such as his squid ink and pickled octopus dishes.

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