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Rihanna’s “Kiss It Better” Music Video Is All About Sex and Wind - A Mesmerizing Pair

Hoo boy, you're gonna need a cool shower after watching Rihanna's video for "Kiss It Better."

It's a black-and-white, windswept extravaganza of writhing, undressing, redressing, and did I mention wind? It's amazing and very decidedly NSFW. The video starts with a mostly naked Rihanna under a thin sheet while wind blows dice all down her body. From there, we see her grinding and crawling through what looks like the void of a wind tunnel, her hair whipping as she sings in various pieces of sheer lingerie and, at times, an oversize pinstripe suit jacket.

The video has terrific use of camera angles and production design, at times making RiRi seem to float and tumble beyond gravity. But the main achievement, as always, is Rihanna herself, whose body is a goddamn wonderland. "What are you willing to do," indeed.

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