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No International Acts for Reggae Sumfest this Year

The new owner of Reggae Sumfest Joe Bogdanovich, will be making major changes to the festival this year.

The event which usually spans three nights including dancehall night and two international nights, will now be scaled down to two nights. There will be no international nights and international acts this year.

According to Bogdanovich over the past years, enlisting international acts have become more costly. In an interview with The Jamaica Star he stated., “The kind of cost and money that is spent on international acts has become prohibitive, “he said. “We’d rather not spend money on the outside, but to support our own."

“This will help to re-engerise the event,” said Bogdanovich. “Sumfest is a great Jamaican brand promoting dancehall and reggae. I have a lot of respect for it, but we don’t have an international brand. What we have is a concert that brings international acts.

Reggae Sumfest 2016 will also be live streamed globally in interactive 360 Virtual Reality (VR). The event will be held July 17-23 at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex in Montego Bay.

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