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Ms Universal Carnival Queen Show to take place in Tobago on 15th Oct. 2016

“Carnival Arts, as an art form and cultural activity, impacts on fashion, design and every area of the mainstream curriculum.” Pax Nindi, 2009

The Ms Universal Carnival Queen Show is scheduled to take place in Tobago on 15th Oct. 2016 as part of Carivog International production ‘Caribbean and World Creative Arts Expo’.

We invite young ladies age 17yrs –30yrs, 5’6” and over in height, single or married to represent one of the Carnival Countries.

We invite Band Leaders, fashion designers, schools, promoters, agencies, country’s national association and representatives to support these delegates to ensure that they make the best representation for their country.


Each delegate will participate in five (5) categories for which they will be judged :

  • National Dress –must be either the official accepted national dress of the delegate’s country or an adaption thereof

  • Carnival Scavenge Couture

  • Carnival Costume

  • Evening Gown—A gown reflective of the glitz and glamour of Carnival is preferred

  • Interview

The Ms Universal Carnival Queen Show is a culturally diverse event open to nationals of any country which celebrate any aspect of carnival arts.

It offers the world a time to celebrate what makes us different.

This event is a powerful tool that can highlight the unifying features of Carnivals of the World as delegates will bring to the foreground their Country’s Carnival, its rich history and the wonders their country holds as a travel destination.

OBJECTIVE: The objectives of this show are to:

  • Provide an international performance platform to celebrate all aspects of Carnival Arts

  • To bring to the foreground the use of recycled materials

  • Showcase the Diasporic Carnivals of the delegates

  • Promote each Diasporic Carnival as event tourism

  • Encourage innovative approaches to the art form in each category being judged

  • To be a catalyst for creating awareness of a career in the arts.

  • To provide a platform for creative Carnival costume builders to showcase their individual or queen costume on stage in

  • a more formal setting.

Ms Universal Carnival

This event will be the Grand Finale of the Caribbean and World Creative Arts Expo (CAWCAE). It will be a combination of pageantry and prize giving awards ceremony for the various competitions held throughout Caribbean and World Creative Arts Expo.

Carnival – Uniting the World!

“Throughout the world, the genesis and development of Carnivals as live or street art are rooted in that community’s struggle to secure and legitimate its presence on the physical, cultural and political landscape of the society. Carnival, as both an art form and an event, has an ‘.... inherent capacity to appropriate places and transgress boundaries in order to manifest and celebrate aspects of human community’.” Ansel Wong 2009

Carnival unites people into one joyful idiom of hope for a better world.

Today, carnival has fostered the concept of one global village. As people of the world meandered from their homelands to all parts of the globe creating world cities, we can celebrate this diversity

through the festival of carnival.

It is this cultural imperative – Uniting Creativity – that underpins this culturally diverse gathering of creative arts and beautiful people: Ms. Universal Carnival an event which will bring to the foreground

the creative use of recycled materials in Carnival.

The Carnival Costume:

The costume must be portable, no larger than 8’ width and 12’ Height (height is inclusive of delegate height). An award will be e given for the Best Costume.

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