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Surprise Your Coffee Lover With the Best Father's Day Gift!

Does this special someone enjoy experimenting and would like to prepare fantastic coffee at home, like a barista?

KitchenAid® has launched a new line of coffee makers, with the passion of those of us who proudly call ourselves coffee gourmets in mind. These coffee makers focus on the specialty coffee market. Unlike other brands, these new products and gadgets were specifically created to be able to prepare artisanal coffee. They are for a gourmet market that seeks to obtain the best flavors from coffee, like those resulting from rich manual methods — but with the precision of automatic preparation.

Why artisanal coffee? The journey coffee makes from plantation to cup is a long one. A coffee bean, which is the seed of a fruit, first undergoes a sowing and growing process, and then is roasted and ground to achieve the final product.

An awareness of this delicate, artisanal process is essential, and it matters to consumers who appreciate specialty coffees. For them, it is important to discover that their favorite coffee is not mass-produced. When coffee is treated like the fresh product that it is, all the details in the process are handled very carefully. Coffee is a delicate, special ingredient that requires skills to obtain a variety of flavors based on its origin, history, and the yield of the coffee bean harvest.

The coffee industry has its own intricacies regarding production, sales, and preparation. Specialty coffees challenge producers to sell them sustainably. However, this is a time when the market prefers to focus on quality, as has happened with wine, beer, and food in general. It is no longer about getting a large cup of coffee. People prefer a smaller one that has better taste and quality.

These products are perfect to help you enjoy coffee time, a special moment! Coffee prepared your way and to your taste, with the newest and most complete line of artisanal coffee makers from KitchenAid®. You will find the most advanced technology in exclusive designs to prepare your own customized, exquisite coffee — brewed to perfection. Like only you and KitchenAid® know how.

GIFT LIST..........

Siphon Coffee Brewer

Watch the fascinating process of vacuum brewing with the exclusive technology of the new Siphon Coffee Brewer by KitchenAid®. Pressure pushes water up through the siphon tube into the top jar where it completely immerses the coffee, extracting the purest and richest essences of your favorite beans.

The perfect method for those who love coffee and want to savor it without changing its essence. For those with a taste for clean, complex coffee, with a medium body, in which all the flavors and oils are noticeable.

The unique and exclusive design allows you to observe the fascinating process of vacuum-brewed coffee.

Make your coffee without complications in three simple steps. Place the coffee in the top brew unit. Add water to the bottom carafe. Finally, push the “on” button and that’s it! Coffee just the way you like it.

Pour Over Coffee Brewer

The “pour-over” method has always been considered a manual art in which pouring water slowly and in short bursts produces a light body coffee with clean and bright flavors full of floral notes, optimally extracting the coffee’s flavors and aromas.

The exclusive automated pour over technology precisely mimics the manual process of pulsing water over the grounds, steeping, and allowing the grounds to fully bloom.

The advanced heating system heats the water to the optimal range at the top of the brewer, minimizing heat loss during the extraction process. The Result: a perfect cup of coffee.

The magic of this method compared with the most used method, drip coffee makers, is based on not filling up the filter basket with water, and getting drops to come out slowly. Water is heated on the top chamber (compared with drip, which is on the bottom, causing the water to lose heat during transportation). With this system, the water is always at the perfect temperature. It is ideal for a single cup of coffee.

Precision Press

Through exclusive technology and sleek, functional design, the Precision Press by KitchenAid® ensures the best French Press coffee can be brewed at home.

This is the fastest and easiest method to prepare a coffee that is pure, strong and intense, full-bodied and with lasting flavor.

This French Press’ exclusive design has an integrated scale and timer, making it simple to measure brew time and the precise ratio of coffee grounds to water. This ensures a deliciously perfect cup of coffee until the very last drop.

With dual wall stainless steel construction, your coffee stays hotter, longer and guarantees coffee without grounds — just flavor and quality to the last drop.

Burr Grinder

A great cup of coffee starts with the perfect grind. The Burr Grinder by KitchenAid® is the best tool to grind coffee, ensuring that the quality of the coffee is maintained and its flavor is never compromised.

The easy-to-use grind control dial allows you to choose from 15 grind settings, from coarse for French Press to very fine for espresso.

It’s premium construction, die cast metal housing is durable and easy to wipe clean and adds a touch of taste and style to your kitchen.

Preserves coffee quality with low revolutions per minute (RPMS). Burrs turn at just 450 rpm, which generates minimal heat, maintaining the coffee’s original properties and flavor.

Espresso Maker

The Espresso Maker by KitchenAid® allows you to channel your inner barista and make the most delicious espressos at home. By simply passing hot water at a high pressure through ground coffee, you achieve a very strong, dark, and full-bodied espresso.

The controlled pressure (15-BAR) guarantees precise pressure pump propels water with great force through the coffee grinds. The result: a concentrated, full-bodied espresso with a rich layer of crema every time.

The Espresso Maker, made with die-cast metal, has a five-year warranty. This guarantees many years of delicious espressos made at home with the quality you expect from KitchenAid®.

Enjoy an artisanal coffee maker for every taste!

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