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Omari Banks Hosts Radio Interviews for Anguilla's "MEN’S WEEK 2016”

Anguilla’s Men’s Week 2016 takes on a new look as Omari Banks, International Musician/Recording Artist and Anguilla’s first international test cricketer spearheads Men’s Week interviews under the theme “Men in the Arts: Purpose-Passion-Power.”. Omari Banks is one of three interview hosts including Anguilla’s former Parliamentary Secretary, Haydn Hughes and Radio Anguilla Announcer, Kenval Richardson; all men with a strong interest in the development of the Arts in Anguilla.

(L-R) Omari Banks and Kevin Archibald

Omari will speak with “Men in the Arts” about their successes, challenges and hopes for building future generations during Men’s Week, 19th – 26th June. Featured men include Darvin Mussington, Singer and Owner of Darvin’s Place Nightclub; Courtney Devonish, Artist and Owner of the Devonish Art Gallery; Lorin Richardson, Designer and Owner of Black Orchid Florists and Events; Kevin Archibald of KSharp Photography and Crispin Brooks, noted Producer and Filmmaker.

(L-R) Omari Banks and Courtney Devonish

As a world-renowned figure in The Arts, Omari Banks has seamlessly transitioned from an international sportsman to an international music figure. His passion for the Arts and for the development of various art forms on Anguilla is evident. Dr. Ronya Foy Connor, Anguilla’s Gender Development Coordinator and creator of Men’s Week noted, “I am excited that Omari is hosting Men’s Week interviews. As a current and future leader in the arts, his life story, thus far, exudes the theme of exploring the purpose, passion and power that is needed for success.”

Dr. Foy Connor continues on to say, “Omari participated in the Gender Affairs Unit’s Cricket match for the 2015 Father’s Festival so it’s wonderful to have him even more involved this year. It’s important for our young men to see successful men in the community and take note of how they recognize, support and encourage the accomplishments of one another.”

(L-R) Omari Banks and Vanburn Andy Brookes

Speaking on Men's Week, Omari stated "It is my absolute pleasure to host Men's week 2016 for so many reasons, I look forward to the opportunity to listen and share stories with other inspirational men in Anguilla, and at the same time learn the history behind it all. I believe Men are protectors of our Society and without their meaningful contribution the balance of a nation would lack fervor. As a young entrepreneur and former Athlete it gives me great pride to celebrate and recognize the contributions of men in Anguilla." The 2016 Men’s Week runs from Sunday, 19th June, Father’s Day, until Sunday, 26th June with interviews airing daily on Radio Anguilla 95.5 FM. Men’s Week in Anguilla launched in June 2014 with the goal of fulfilling the mission of “Promoting knowledge and awareness of gender issues and the capacity to effect change through national outreach, advocacy, training and implementation of gender-mainstreamed policies.”


“Live Stream” link on Radio Anguilla’s website at Monday June 20th 8:15am Omari Banks and Darvin Mussington 2:15pm Omari Banks and Darvin Mussington Tuesday June 22nd 10:15am Omari Banks and Courtney Devonish 12:15pm Omari Banks and Kevin Archibald 3:15pm Omari Banks and Courtney Devonish 4:15pm Omari Banks and Kevin Archibald Wednesday June 23rd 8:15am Omari Banks 2:15pm Omari Banks Thursday June 24th 10:15am Omari Banks and Calvert Carty 3:15pm Omari Banks and Calvert Carty Friday June 25th 8:15am Omari Banks and Vanburn Andy Brookes 12:15pm Omari Banks and Crispin Brooks 2:15pm Omari Banks and Vanburn Andy Brooks 4:15pm Omari Banks and Crispin Brooks


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