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Reggae Singer Tyron Daley aka "Junior Spice" Faces Deportation to Jamaica

US based Reggae singer/songwriter Tyron Daley know as Junior Spice is facing deportation to Jamaica because of an alleged drug charge.

Daley is currently in US Immigration custody in Miami after being detained on April 21, 2016.

Daley has had his music career put on hold abruptly due to this surprising development and his planned tour and album recording have been postponed indefinitely much to the disappointment of his fans who are just learning of the artist’s plight.

His attorney, Danna F. Magloire, LLC said her concerns were that he is a long time JLP supporter who has been very vocal about the socioeconomic conditions in Jamaica and fled the country after attempts on his life back in the early 90s. His deportation will likely spark incidents between JLP and PNP parties, major political foes and violent rivals in Jamaica.

Daley had said this in a telephone call before this detention to his manager, Juliet Edwards of Nurture Projects Music in April 2016. ” I am devastated to think that I may leave my home and family after being resident in Florida since 1999! I thought that this issue was all over and I wanted to start back my career, I have lots of songs I had written during the time. I work hard to provide for my family. I was just getting on with life, and now I got this shock news. While I love my homeland of Jamaica, I can’t go back there. Death will be in store for me.”

Tyron Daley was born in Kingston Jamaican in 1966 to a large family of 6 brother and 5 sisters. He started singing at the age of 15, inspired by his uncle Eric Tello, who had various hits through the 70’s. He was mentored by Bagga Case and Beres Hammonds’ older brother. Daley was a part of a group called Detour in the early 90’s. He recorded with Winston Boyo Hammond.

In 1999, He migrated to Tampa and was lead singer in a Reggae band called “Rebels with a Cause.” He also performed at Wild Splash and was able to perform alongside major hip-hop and R&B artists like Ashanti, Busta Rhymes, and Sean Paul.

In 2015 he relaunched his career as a Reggae Artist, Junior Spice.

Juliet Edwards, said “Tyron has been open from the start about been previously detained for 9 years due to these same charges. He came well recommended by Reggae industry contacts. He is very talented and I was happy to work with him firstly in 2015, on a voluntary basis to promote his work and later became his manager, which I did due to his sincerity and his talent thinking this issue was all behind him. It’s a really difficult time for him and his family now”.



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