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Soulful Artist K'Coneil "LOVE / LUST" EP Enters Billboard Chart

After proudly peaking at #10 on the reggae iTunes album charts, soulful recording artist K'Coneil debut EP "Love/Lust" made it's debut on billboard. A proud feat for the "Genre fluid" rising star whose soulful has been received to positive reviews from fans, music lovers and media. "Arriving as the boundaries between dancehall and pop are blurring more than ever before, K'Coneil brings a fresh new voice to the scene that's right on time with the current moment." - Speaking on this accomplishment, an elated K'Coneil stated "Billboard is really considered among the industry's measure of success. I'm honored to even be mentioned on such platform and even more excited that it's the album chart. To debut at #20 is unbelievable, I feel that my hard work is starting to come to fruition. It is an amazing feeling, I am humbled, honored and blessed. I want to push and push for the top spot." The EP executive produced by famed producer Sean Reid and Warren Bloise of Gedion Soldiers Entertainment features an array of musical emotions taking you on an emotional journey from "Hot Like You" (Seannizle), "Not This Time" (Kheilstone). "Loving You Right" and "Spoon" (Okino "DJ Wav" Thomas and Sean "Seanizzle" Reid), "Feel So Right" (Calli B), "Bicycle" (Tricia "ZJ Sparks & Germaine "Mafy" Clarke to "Lightskin Love" (Sean "Seanizzle" Reid). "MY EP Love/Lust is a collection of 7 songs that seek to straddle the thin line between two very complex emotions. As individuals at times we tend to confuse the two and it can lead to very disastrous results. So I try to bring the audience to what I feel is going through our minds and our bodies at the time, the different transitions. So from that moment when we meet the person and your heart is struck. There's a "bang" and it hits you and it feels like that's everything. From the endorphin that you feel with the physical contact and all the pleasures that come with it. Then you have the big realization, this is it! After the interaction and the intercourse of the true feelings involved. Is it love, is it lust? That's the big question, that's the big "Shibang"! And that's the realization to divide to're in love, or it's a was all lust..." explained K'Coneil. LOVE/LUST available worldwide!

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