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Fully Fancy Free

It is said that he who forgets or neglects to gain understanding from his history, has a greater tendency to repeat it. Well we are now approaching that time when many within the Region would recall the day when those gone before had the privilege to fully fancy being free. As we now carry on today, it seems as good a time as any for each and every one of us then, to consider just how much, if at all, we derive any thrill or satisfaction from being fully free.

In the beginning we had the opportunity or obligation if you will, to allow another to direct and dictate what happens for us, to us and with us. And this is true on many levels. But as time passed and growth and development took place, external and internal factors made it so that we were handed our ‘free papers.’ And again this is true on many levels.

Yet would you know, and here I invite each to do his/her own investigations, that many of us; do not enjoy this privilege, seek replacement authority figures, or constantly find ways to abandon that

autonomy self-directing throne. And so the real questions are; are you happening to life or is life happening to you? Who is managing your life?

Do you live consciously, exercising freedom of choice when and where possible? Are you happy to simply live in reactive mode as opposed to being proactive? And most importantly, how do you fancy being fully free?

If you answer these questions, the discovery might be startling? Or you might simply discover that each and every one of us would do well to find ways, to improve how we manage our freeness. And again this

is true on many levels.

Well for those who are celebrating being ‘fully fancy free’ ... enjoy the journey, for a journey it is indeed. And for those who remain skeptical of holding the reins of power and doing what you can to manage yourself, well consider this, how would you know if you never try. Why not try it? You just might like it. You just might discover that no one has any answers in advance and that it is okay to make mistakes and correct your course as you go along.

So remember, one way or the other, you hold the keys:

So Sir, kind Mam, beautiful Region that we are, carrying on we shall, so until then KarryOn Caribbean carry on.


Kerriann Toby - CONTRIBUTOR

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