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Aidonia Premiered Video for 'Dat A Di Ting'

Fresh from a myriad of performances on the U.S Mainland with sold out concerts in West Palm Beach, Orlando, Jacksonville, New York and Boston. Dancehall superstar Aidonia (aidonia4thgenna) continues to ride high on the entertainment scene with a plethora of solid compositions.

Since the start of 2016 the 4th Gennaz head honcho has released a number of singles following up on his monster hit ‘Nuh Boring Gyal’ which amassed in excess of four million views via VEVO Network and continues to steadily grow. Currently reaping rewards with ‘No Man To Mi Spliff’ , ‘Hey Yo’, ‘Dat A Di Ting’ and ‘Trigger Work It’, Aidonia has been working assiduously to release a number of new visuals in the weeks ahead. Earlier this week he premiered the first for the Yellow Moon Records produced ‘Dat A Di Ting’ featured on the Pile Up Riddim.

Without any doubts or reservation the song is currently one of the hottest offering in the space and an easy find on the playlist of any A-

List disc jock, hence it was only fitting to have some visuals as accompaniment.

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