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"I Am Stylez Music" Releases Video for "It’s a Pity" Lead Single from the EP Fac

Growing up in Portmore, I Am Stylez Music (@iamstylezmusicig) experienced the positives and negatives in life and always aimed to share those experiences in music, and by telling stories through music videos. Beyond an artist singing in front of a camera, Stylez adds cinematic vision to his visuals which comes from his choice of location for a music video shoot and the treatment the video is given. “It’s not enough for me to just sing a song” says the artist, “I have to make sure the visuals are just as good as the song or there will be a disconnect with the fans and I don’t want that – the fans are the reason why I’m here.”

His debut EP, Facetime, offers fans a realistic look at a day in his life. Track 1, “Facetime” explores what lovers do when separated by distance, and need to connect intimately. Track 2, “It’s a Pity,” is the lead single from the EP and speaks to disappointments by friends and the need to walk a chosen path solo. Track 3 “Money Money” tells us why a man wants money and what he plans to do with it, while Track 4, “High Life” is for herbalists. The Blaze Entertainment produced EP concludes with Track 5, “Tic a Likkle” designed for the hottest Dancehall Vixens who are not afraid to tick like a clock!

Combining Hip Hop beats with a hardcore Dancehall lyrical flow; the artist has attracted many fans from the US, and fans from the Caribbean who connect with the package Stylez represents.



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