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Dancehall Artist "SPICE" Fires Back After Controversial Performance at the Rio Sports Gala

Last night dancehall artist SPICE performed at the Rio Sports Gala and Awards Ceremony held at the National Indoor Sports Centre.

The performance is now causing controversy has many believe both her attire and song were inappropriate for the occasion.

She took the stage performing “So Mi Like It’, which guests in attendance didn’t think was appropriate.

During her next song “Indictor” there was technical difficulties where she had to sing acepella because there was no riddim, which made her leaving the stage abruptly.

After SPICE left the stage, the next performers of the nights were dancers dancing to the song”Indicator”. Now Spice is speaking out about the controversy.


My Riddim stopped playing when I was about to do this song but yet still these dancers came up right after me and you played the same song and it was ok😂. No technical difficulty😂. I'm not bashing these lovely dancers who I love dearly but they were dressed in short shorts and bra top on stage winning and a skin out, girls winning on man back it up and all, but I wore a dress and it was inappropriate😂 😂 😂Or is it because I'm not from "uptown" it wasn't ok for me to sing my own song but they could dance to it? I wonder what they expected me to sing because in that case they should have hired Kevin Downswell twice instead of requesting me. All I know is that "Some" of you BLACK PEOPLE ARE A SET OF HYPOCRITES.


Catch a break down of the show from comedian Dutty Berry

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