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Five ways to enjoy pasta on World Pasta Day

Are you bored of eating the usual, spaghetti and red tomato sauce? Tomorrow is World Pasta Day, the perfect day to spice up your routine and get creative.

Pasta made from wheat flour and egg can be tiring – but nowadays, there are so many possibilities to making pasta with original ingredients and mix flavors into your meal. There are even healthy choices, for those of us watching our weight.

Here are five original ideas to make handmade pasta and celebrate World Pasta Day:

Add vegetables to the mix

The result will be a colorfully healthy pasta. According to KitchenAid sources, experts in kitchen appliances to make homemade pasta, these dishes are very easy to make and are among the favorite of parents trying to include vegetables hidden in their kid’s dishes. For example, parents can hide spinach in the dough mix without bringing up Popeye.

Take advantage of buckwheat

Discover buckwheat, the dark-colored pseudocereal found in your supermarket that is gluten-free and retains amino acids. What more could you want?

Carve a pumpkin – and keep its remains!

Make the most out of pumpkin carving by adding its remains to your pasta. Decorate and devour. Your raviolis will be to die for!

Make pasta without pasta dough

If you want to trick yourself or someone else into eating pasta, make spiralized vegetables and stay healthy. Beets work great as a spaghetti alternative. KitchenAid’s Spiralizer attachment can make perfectly shaped noodles out of vegetables. It’s the perfect alternatives for those interested in vegan diets.

Cooking the usual, differently

If you’re hesitant to trade your delicious wheat pasta, try to give your pasta primavera an original touch. Check out the seasonal vegetables or new herbs to give you a new smell and flavor. Making the dough in KitchenAid’s Culinary Center also makes the pasta healthier.

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