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Supa T Records Soulful R&B Singer J-Shin Releases "Lips"

Possessing a smooth soulful voice and a raspy, honey-soaked delivery, J-Shin has already forged his timeless musical legacy. The passionate singer has just released a seductive sensuous single that aims and explores a woman's soul with "Lips". Written by J-Shin himself, GTek and Terry Elliott Sr, the R&B artist explained " I was inspired by my love and respect for women, Lips is about making love to a women soul and not her body." The sexy single was produced by GTek for Supa T Records and is now available on iTunes. A video is slated for production. Born Johnathan Shinhoster in Liberty City, Florida, Johnathan forwent a football path to pursue his musical aspirations as he discovered his passion while singing in middle school. The latter quickly came to fruition as fresh from High School graduation, his singing and writing skills rendered him a record deal with renowned Slip & Slide Records.

Adopting the moniker of J-Shin ( An acronym of his first and last name), his writing prowess translated in his first International hit record "One Night Stand" featuring Latasha Scott of Escape to sell over one million copies worldwide. This feature combined with opening up in concerts for acts like Xscape, Jagged Edge, Chico Debarge, and Ginuwine to name a few gave J-Shin recognition and affirmation. Drawing from life experiences, he describes his music as real lyrical content aimed to inspire, his blend of R&B and Hip Hop makes him stand out amongst the rest.

After his positive experience with Slip & Slide, J-Shin went on to a full career where he toured the world, while writing and producing various hits for himself and other artists. His talents were recognized by Terry Elliott Sr. of Supa T Records, who promptly signed the artist. "I believe in the saying Team Work Makes the Dream Work. While I am grateful for all that I learned at my previous label, I am thankful and humbled that Mr. Elliott sees and shares my vision. I'm home at Supa T Records".

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