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Strive To The Max

Stock Taking, this was where it all began for 2016, now that we are in November of 2016, just one month away from closing off the year and entering a New Year, the simple question is; What’s new? In November is it just about the same old story on repeat. Well, if it is not more of the same old, same old, good for you. And if you were able to answer yes, it is more of the same old, same old, good for you too. Awareness is the beginning of action.

So KarryOn Caribbean, with all this formal talk of stock-taking, it easy for some of us to dive into thinking of how much we have not done and start being hard on ourselves. But who gets perfection. Sure many delude into thinking they have, yet who is to tell if the ‘perfect’ is simply the level reached until it is bettered. In other words, as Coach John Wooden would tell his players, it is “the pursuit of perfection” that helps us work toward high levels while also appreciating that perfection in and of itself is an illusion. Now that we have that all cleared up, do remember always you have all within needed to make things happen.

And for those who do want to make more things happen for the upcoming New Year, might a suggestion be to:

Sow: Start putting in something into action today, year’s end, or at the start of the New Year that will eventually bear fruit. So often we hear of New Year’s Resolution that sounded great but at the end of the year it simply was never started. What good is a plan with no action? Is it not the action-plan that makes things happen! So in the words of Jim Rohn “Don’t start the year until you have it finished!”

Train: How much have you grown for this year? Not in size, but what about in understanding, knowledge of some sort, spirit wise, that inner strength, or maybe academically, or even in your emotional well-being, or financial well-being. What new thing have you learnt KarryOn Caribbean? And if nothing, then what are your intentions for training in the New Year. Wait, now before any mention of the economy, nothing was mentioned about getting formal, we spend so much time on YouTube and it is full of content that might enrich us in some way, we spend lots of time in front the T.V. when books were there long before it existed and maybe with good reason too. A New Year is coming, train, why don’t you?

Testify: Okay, to the agnostics and atheists, this applies to you too. For the 10 months gone for 2016, where is your testimony, the evidence of these ten months blessed to be on this earth. What have you done with the time? How does it show? Is it in physical objects, feeling better about yourself, improved relationships at home, some sort of progress at work? By now, you get it, don’t you, well a New Year is coming so remember starting today, to let there be evidence of your blessed opportunity to have seen the days of the year. Carry on KarryOn Caribbean.

Mountaineering: A well-known Miley Cyrus song plays at graduations, it’s called, ‘It’s The Climb.’ And life is lived in moments that turn into minutes, into hours, into days, into weeks, into months, into years, into decades, and throughout life experiences of all type will come, and like Miley says in her song, “there always gonna be another mountain, I’m always gonna want to make it move.” So if you were not keeping it in your awareness, today and as you enter the New Year do remember that life by its nature, asks us all to become good at mountaineering-climbing mountains.

As you continue 2016 and move toward a New Year, KarryOn Caribbean, “keep your faith … it’s all about the climb!”


By: Kerriann Toby - CONTRIBUTOR

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