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Interview with Resurgent Cosmetics Owner/Founder Veronique Walters

Veronique Walters, is the founder of Resurgent Cosmetics, a handmade skin and hair line care based in Trinidad.

She’s doing what a lot of us dream of doing in running her own brand, selling her own specially formulated creations using high quality, natural ingredients.

CEM got a chance to talk with Veronique Walters about the benefits of natural beauty products and how/why she created Resurgent Cosmetics.

Tell us a little about yourself.

Skincare is my passion! I have been involved the skincare industry for about fourteen years now, over the years I have worn different hats. I was employed in 2005 as an esthetician at JenCare Day Spa, I worked at JenCare for a couple of years. Then I went on to open and operate at my own Day Spa. The transition from esthetician to spa owner had some level of turbulence, but as the saying goes “rough seas make better sailors”. Experience has taught me a lot, over the years I have learn to appreciate my unique journey in the skincare industry. Resurgent Cosmetics is an amalgamation of my years of experience and research in the skincare industry.

When/why did you make the leap to starting your own company?

While performing treatments on my clientele at my day spa, I noticed some of the treatment didn’t respond well to my multicultural clients’ skin. Curious to know how I could delivery real results I started researching and studying the skin structure, how certain ingredients interacted with the skin and how they impacted the skin at different levels. One of the things I noted was that ethnic or multicultural skin responded differently to products designed for European customers. In 2012 I introduced Resurgent Cosmetics publicly at an event. At that time the line mainly comprised of body products and a small number of facial products.

What has been the most surprising thing about running your own beauty company?

The magnitude of work involved. I am not only involved in the formulation of products but I am submerged in the entire process from the product concept to sales.

How long have you been making skincare products?

Around 2008 I started experimenting with different ingredients and formulations.

What problems did you have to overcome in creating your natural products?

There is generally a lack of information within the region on the use of plants and fruits for the purposes of skincare. I have therefore had to do a lot of digging to find information and conduct my own primary research into these natural ingredients.

Has organic beauty always been something that’s very important to you?

Yes, I can recall as a child picking hibiscus flowers to make body spritz and a friend and I would boil clay collected at the seaside to make face masks.

Is the product unisex or geared towards women?​

Yes, Resurgent Cosmetics products are formulated for both male and female. Most of our clients are female, but we are looking at possibly launching a men care range in the future.

You use a variety of interesting ingredients; how did you go about selecting them?

When selecting ingredients to include in the formulations, I start from the point of selecting ingredients that will best address the skin condition. I also look for ingredients that I know have scientific or clinical support which shows that the selected ingredients can in fact improve the skin condition I am attempting to address. An example of this is Vitamin C; there is sufficient data and research done to support the antioxidant and anti-aging benefits of this ingredient. I use vitamin C in its many forms within the range of Resurgent Cosmetics products.

What is your recipe development process? Where do you find inspiration?

My formulation development process is extensive. However, because of my background in esthetics I always start from the point of what does the skin need and what is the underlining cause of the skin condition I wish to address. From that point I can pivot through multiple selections of ingredients. My inspiration comes from food and the way chefs ‘layer’ various ingredients to create a mix of taste profiles, texture and consistency.

What are your favorite ingredients to use?

I love all of the natural ingredients I use in my products, but coconut water stands out as one of my favourite ingredient. Its hydrating properties are very beneficial to the skin, it’s included in[RC] Rose and Coconut Water Cleanser, where it help restore hydration and balance to the skin.

For those who haven’t tried organic or natural products before, which Resurgent Cosmetics product is a good starting point?​

Resurgent Cosmetics products are, strictly speaking, not organic, but utilize mainly natural ingredients carefully selected from a small range of suppliers. Most skin types would benefit from an exfoliating product, because as we age our skin’s natural desquamation process tends to decrease. [RC] Fruit Pulp Enzyme Peel is one of the products I usually will encourage clients to start with; it really is an amazing product that offers gentle exfoliation, hydration, and antioxidant benefits.

What’s your best seller?

Fruit Pulp Enzyme Peel, made mainly from papaya, pineapple, and citrus which exfoliates and brightens the skin without negatively disrupting the natural active of the epidermis.

How would you recommend using your products for women with natural hair?

My approach with formulating [RC] products always starts with addressing the need of the hair or skin and how to improve and maintain its health. Whether natural hair or not the element of time needs to be included in the equation to see real results. Some hair types will respond differently to different products or ingredients. So following the product guidelines on the bottle is important and allowing the product time to work.

What kind of stories do you love hearing from customers?

I am really excited to hear customers’ experience with their purchase; customer satisfaction is high on my list so it’s great to get feedback on how the product improves their skin or hair. I believe every woman wants to feel beautiful in their own skin, especially multicultural women/men because sometimes it is difficult to find a product that targets and treats our unique skin and hair care needs.

Where can we purchase your line?

I take orders on my Facebook and Instagram accounts. I am working on my website so that will be another available option soon. Very soon the products will also be available from spas nationwide.

What are your future goals for Resurgent Cosmetics?​

My ambitions for Resurgent Cosmetics are huge. My goal is to see Resurgent Cosmetics become a recognized professional luxury skin and haircare brand that offers results-oriented solutions for the multi-cultural market. I will also like to have the line sold in spas, salons, and skincare boutiques locally and internationally.


To Order Resurgent Cosmetics

Email or call at 868-789-2342

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