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Following Successful "Climb" Album Release, Queen Ifrica to Take Stage at Free Concert for

Following the successful release of her third studio album Climb, paired with a memorable acoustic performance at VP Records retail store in Miramar, Florida, Award-winning Jamaican singer, songwriter and social activist Queen Ifrica will take the stage at a free concert on Wednesday, March 8th in honor of International Women's Day in Jamaica. A march and concert will take place on International Women’s Day to call the nation to action "United to End Gender Based Violence". The concert, which is among other Women’s Day initiatives organised by the ministry, “is both a public education activity and part of a process of healing a nation traumatized by acts of violence. In this regard, women and men have been invited to appear on the programme to speak candidly about their gender violence experiences,” explained the ministry to the Jamaica Observer newspaper.

The latter falls right into place with Queen Ifrica's call for global change as her album addresses social issues with the distinct voice of a mother, a sister, a strong black woman. Ifrica will perform such songs as "Black Woman", "... black woman don't love themselves no more, she said she don't mind being called a whore.." delivering hard hitting lyrics that addresses young women with an appeal to know their worth and not be swayed by objectifying trends in popular culture. In celebrating and honoring women, Queen Ifrica also pays homage to two of her greatest sources of strength and inspiration, her mother and grandmother. The noted motivation to climb revealed in the song "Ask Me Granny,". The two inspirational singles are just a fraction and insight into 17 soul stirring tracks delivered in "Climb". Queen Ifrica's music is designed to uplift people of all generations through inspired lyrics, encouraging perseverance in hard times. In a previous release to the media, Queen Ifrica stated of her album "These songs come to me as I am watching the world; I see myself as a social worker that uses music as my tool because music is the greatest weapon to impact societal change, to help young people to understand themselves more,". Climb, is now available via VP Records

Queen Ifrica "Climb" Tracklisting 1. Trueversation (feat Damian Marley) 2. That's How It Is Sometimes 3. Love Is Not Blind 4. Pleasure to See 5. Lie Dem Ah Tell 6. Grabba 7. Medical Marijuana 8. Good Man 9. Back Woman 10. Climb 11. All That I'm Asking 12. Battlefield 13. I Can't Breathe 14. Ask Me Granny 15. Rebellion 16. Better Than Amazing 17. Let's Get Silly

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