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Artist Spotlight - Reggae Artist MDeez Knight

“Mi jus ah gwan do me ting now, mi jus ah do it like Nike” - MDeez

Davon ‘MDeez’ Knight is making a name for himself on the Reggae music scene with his latest song, the blazing dancehall track ‘Do It Like Nike’ featuring Chan Dizzy produced by Dillon ‘MacInTheDay’ McKenzie Jr. of Commonwealth Studios in Nassau. Since its release in January, ‘Nike’ has received tremendous airplay on radio stations internationally and has spiked the popularity of the raspy voice reggae artist from The Bahamas.

Make no mistake, MDeez is by no means a novice in the music industry. In fact, he has spent many years working hard in the trenches in his home country honing his skills as a producer, singer, songwriter and entertainer. And with the official music of The Bahamas being Rake ‘n’ Scrape, Goombay and Junkanoo, this self-proclaimed musical doctor (‘MDeez’ is a spin on the abbreviation for medical doctor M.D.), candidly admits that pursuing his passion for Reggae music has not been easy journey.

“Being a Reggae artist in The Bahamas isn’t easy,” says MDeez. “I was born in Nassau, my father was Jamaican and my mother was Bahamian. I always wanted pursue music as living. Everyone asked me, why Reggae music? They told me I should go and find a real job (he laughs). I’ve experienced many disappointments but I never quit. I believed in myself and I had faith in what God has for me.”

His love for music and evolution into a Reggae artist were the result of the summers he spent in Jamaica working at his father’s Dub Plate Studio. This experience developed his talents and sharpened his skills as a singer, songwriter and producer, giving MDeez the ability to write and produce music for different of genres including Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Soca and Rake ‘N’ Scrape. Among his many writing credits includes fellow Reggae artist Jah Cure and the Grammy Award winning Bahamian band Bahamen.

In 2016, MDeez landed a distribution deal with VP Records, the largest independent Reggae Label in the world and began touring internationally promoting his album “Classics”, a compilation of lovers rock and dancehall music.

Only three months into the new year and MDeez has a full schedule ahead of him, having already performed on the ‘Love & Harmony’ Cruise in February with some of the biggest names in Reggae, gaining major traction internationally with ‘Do It Like Nike’ and debuting his latest music video “Away From Home’ on Tempo’s Cross Caribbean Countdown this month.

MDeez is inspired by all he has accomplished and is excited about the future.

“Last year was a record breaking year of performances for me and there’s much more in the pipe line for me and my team this year. Never let anyone determine where or how far you can go in life.”

Reggae music has welcomed a new voice. ‘The doctor’ is in and will see you now.

‘Classics’ and ‘Do It Like Nike’ are available on iTunes.

Listen to ‘Do It Like Nike’ on Soundcloud –

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Youtube – Mdeez Music

Facebook – Mdeez Knight

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Written by Yolanda Hanna

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