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Celebrity Q & A - Get to Know Elephant Man

Elephant Man (aka Energy God) was born O'Neil Bryan in Kingston Jamaica. Ele as he is often called is full of life, hence his nickname “Energy God”; he is colorful, as seen in his style of dressing and numerous hair colors throughout the years; he is witty and true to form.

We know he is a great entertainer, but as a fan I wanted to go beyond the music and learn more about the real O'Neil Bryan .

Here is a Q & A of Ele “Favourite Things”


Favorite Book/Novel

The Book of Enoch by H R Charles

Favourite Food

Too many to name, but I will go with Crushed Irish Potatos with Steam Fish. Also tin mackerel with dumplings, yam and banana

Favourite Restaurant:

I really don’t have one. I am a supporter of the Garrison Community and any Ghetto Restaurant. One Restaurant in particular “Hot Dolla”, the food is really good and cheap, starts at $100

Favourite Place to Go

Negril for Dream Weekend. That’s the place to be.

Favourite Song

I love the 80’s/90’s R&B Songs

Favourite Artist

King of Pop Michael Jackson

Favourite Actor

Ben Affleck – Batman

Favourite Actress

Scarlett Johansson

Favourite Superhero


Favourite Radio Station

Too many to chose from. Irie Fm, ZIP 103 FM, Irie Jam Radio, Hot 97 and more

Favourite Media Personality

Oh Lawd; Miss Kitty and Yanique 'Curvy Diva. I love them both

Favourite Body Part

My legs and legs

Favourite Article of Clothing

Adidas Sweat suit

One interesting fact about you

I am God fearing person. I put God above everyone.

Fun Fact

Overly large ears as a child earned him the nickname "Dumbo Elephant" which morphed into Elephant Man.

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