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Interview with Singer/Songwriter RANGE

Shana Blair Mccormack aka DA’RANGE is a reggae/dancehall/pop culture Singer/Song writer, Businesswoman, former model and active humanitarian, who hails from St Ann Jamaica.

She later relocated to Portmore St. Catherine and attended Waterford High School when the age of 15 she started her modeling career after being discovered by Kingsley Cooper the CEO of Pulse International. Range was then recruited by Zahni International Modelling Agency. She ultimately became the first and only model to win the coveted title of “island sexiest model” in 2004 while modeling for former modeling agency Zahni International.

Range migrated to the United States in 2005 where she began her freelancing modelling career in Florida, California and New York. She worked extensively with Tysum Modelling agency and Runways modelling agency. In 2006 she did some freelance assignment for L.A models in California. In 2008 she settled in New York and marry her high school boyfriend Elroy “Full Rev” Mccormack. Shortly after which they started writing rhymes for fun and playfully spitting these lines during their downtime.

CEM got the chance to have a Q & A with the beautiful and talented singer DA’RANGE to talk about her budding musical career

How did you get started in the music industry? I started off by expressing my interest in exploring my talent as an artiste and reaching out to veterans in the industry who knew I was gifted to do this. I basically took their advice and encouragement to pursue this journey. You started out modeling, how you transitioned to becoming a singer? It's simple they are both beautiful arts; modeling was more visual as we know; however I have always had the urge to be more expressive going to a lot of poetry nights, open mikes and karaoke as my favorite things to do. Based on that desire, I moved over to the more expressive side of my life where I started feeling more comfortable engaging myself as a writer and performer. By then I discovered I was more comfortable in embracing my roots and how amazing it felt when I write a good song. It felt way more rewarding than doing that walk on a runway, I felt like through writing getting the push and support I needed, through others listening and believing in my talent as well as my in studio sessions. I finally was at a place where I was comfortable in my own skin where I never had to second guess myself and my passion. Who have been your inspirations growing up that also inspire you today? I am easily inspired especially by anyone with a strong taste for good authentic music this includes my family, a homeless or less fortunate person that sings or even play an instrument as well as veterans in the business like the late Dennis Brown, Bob Marley, U-Roy, Big Youth, Toots and the Maytals; it’s a heavy list actually... You released your first single Inward Rasta last year, how was that? The song is very real very powerful it surfaced an amazing buzz, the reviews are great and it’s an all time favorite for music lovers.

For anyone who hasn’t seen you perform, what can they expect? Passion, soulfulness, connectivity and positive vibes. I know the word different is somewhat cliché but I am....mental rejuvenation, energy...sums it up

What message do you hope your music sends to others? Universal love; peace; embracing the truth that, even though we come from many different races we picture life like crayons. Hopefully someday we can all understand how to live happily and peacefully in the same box. What are some of your dream collaborations? Chronix, Protoje, The Marley’s, Etana, Queen Ifrika, Gentleman, crossing over to Common, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, and Kendrick Lamar

What was the moment in your career where you felt the most challenged? Singing conscious songs while being a modern maverick, being judged or scrutinized based on my style because I was a model in the past, critics or the public rather expected me to be another dancehall act. To sum it up being highly criticized and judged by my appearance without getting to know my soul, individual talent or the humanitarian side of me.

Do you think Reggae music has evolved over the years? Oh absolutely, in the sense that producers have stepped up their games when it comes on to stronger music rhythms, do-overs/recreating beats, there are stronger messages in songs. Culture reggae is not only set to a specific group of singers, and more genres and collaborative efforts are experienced with international artistes that focus on Rap, R&B, Pop etc. From the days of Lee Scratch Perry and Toots and the Maytals to now where the talents are stretched, revamped and optimized; where young talents are delivering powerful and influential music while making a significant mark on the globe for reggae music which is phenomenal.

What’s next for you, what are you currently working on? Well there are a lot of other things in the pipeline including a few singles that are yet to be released, an EP drop as well as a few confirmed shows locally in the United States, Jamaica and Canada.


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