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Paradise Is Calling - Superclubs Breezes Resort & Spa Bahamas An Island Home Away From Home

Picture an open air lobby with cool breezes gently wafting through the walkway and warm smiling faces waiting to welcome you the minute you arrive. Now, picture swimming pools set against a backdrop of white sand and turquoise water stretching as far as the eye can see. Can you see it? You have just been transported to Breezes Resort & Spa in The Bahamas. The flagship hotel in the Superclubs Collection, the 392 room all-inclusive Breezes Bahamas is the jewel in the Breezes Resort chain and has been operating in The Bahamas for over twenty-five years.

The recent recipient of the Expedia 2016 Top Travel Partner of The Year Award, the charm of Breezes Bahamas is found in the friendly staff who have masterfully created a ‘home away from home’ atmosphere throughout the resort. This quality is clearly appreciated by Breezes guests, as the property boasts a high percentage of repeat visitors who return to the resort year after year.

Hedda Smith, Sales Manager at Breezes Bahamas is pleased to receive the recognition. “We are extremely proud to win the Expedia Top Travel Partner of The Year Award for 2016. Expedia is well respected in the travel industry so we are very very proud to receive that award. Breezes has a great product and a great staff that make you feel at home. They’re very warm and welcoming. The fact that we have such a high repeat guest factor speaks volumes about the Breezes experience. Every Wednesday we host a ‘Repeat Guest Cocktail Party’. That tells you that every week we have guests coming back to us again and again and again.”

Whether a first time visitor or a frequent guest, Breezes affordable pricing includes access to wonderful resort amenities such as indoor and outdoor activities, water sports, fitness center, four free flowing bars and five restaurants including: the buffet style Banana Boat Restaurant, the romantic Garden of Eden Restaurant, the beach grill Reggae Café, Asian-fusion Munasan Restaurant and Martinos, known as ‘the Italian restaurant with an island twist’. The resort comes alive at night with vibrant entertainment that includes live performances, karaoke, fire dancing, limbo dancing and the cultural Bahamian celebration Junkanoo.

The price, the beach, the restaurants, the staff and the value are all a part of the allure of Breezes Bahamas. Book your stay at Breezes Resort & Spa Bahamas today at


By Yolanda Hanna

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