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REGGAE-POP Artist, K'reema Drops it

Reggae-Pop artist K’reema and her management team are pleased to announce the release of her new Single “Drop it.” The single is an uplifting dance song that fuses Reggae with an EDM uptempo vibe. Produced by Richie Loop, “Drop it” provides simple instructions to having a euphoric experience with the Jamaican-born Songstress. “Drop it” is the first single off of K’reema upcoming EP, also titled Drop It. Fans will be happy to note, the music video is already underway, as the final scenes are currently being deliberated between K’reema and director Tya Simmons.

In anticipation of the release, K’reema provided her Instagram followers with a cool 7-day countdown that featured lyrical quotes from the song. Day 5 showcased the lyrics “Hold me tight” then day 4 reminded fans to “Tight up, got it like dis.” More impressively, the final day showcased a video compilation of the entire 7-day countdown leading to an 80’s POP-Art inspired cover art to K’reema’s single. The Instagram promotion was engaging, colorfully playful and refreshingly unique. K’reema continues to distinguish herself in the industry as a young originator who is not afraid to be herself.

In the past month, K’reema has been making her rounds with the media. She was recently featured in Caribbean Life News with a full spread detailing the upcoming EP. In the coming days and weeks, K’reema will be available for radio and broadcast interviews throughout the Tri-state before heading to Jamaica. The management team will focus on letting fans truly experience K’reema far beyond the music. Many are aware of K’reema as the daughter of mega Reggae Legend, King Yellowman. Now, K’reema will be letting fans in on her journey in music, activism, and her love of fashion.

Drop it is available now on Soundcloud

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