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Plus Size On Line Shopping Out Of The Caribbean: We Are Still Skeptical!

It is no secret that on line retailers have taken over the “old fashioned” way of shopping? Who has time to walk into stores, with the risks of encountering a rude sales clerk that will deter you from making any purchases? As it is right now, the shopping world is at

the tips of everyone’s hands. But who is really “everyone”?

In bigger continents / region the safety and the norm of doing everything on line it is greater than in the Caribbean. Ten years ago, when I returned from Europe (already use to the phenomenon of on line shopping), I had to scale back to island life limitations and find out a new source that would supply my demand of on line purchasing.

Now to be honest, 10 years ago, and probably a few pounds lighter it was still a challenge in educating myself as a plus size woman as to how I would find the right brands and the right sizing as I switched from European sizes to American sizes. It took me someresearch and time, I even had my seamstress take my measurements so that I could have a better understanding of the various size charts.

Aside from walking you through this memory lane, you are probably wondering what exactly is the purpose of this article…Well basically it is simply to emphasize that although the internet has opened the gates of fashion and possibilities to plus size women, there is still a lot of skeptics in this region that are not at all comfortable with shopping on line. You would be surprised to hear they shop on line for a Smart TV, but when it comes to that size 18 skinny jeans pants they are totally petrified of placing that


I can understand that since we are out of these regions (USA, Europe, Asia etc) we will not get the total benefits that the on-line shoppers can boast about there. The return policy for one, the sizing specifications as well play a role. Although there are mail services and shipment services that cater specifically to the USA and helps you gain easier access to these retailers, you will find that Plus Size Women in the Caribbean (unless exposed to these retailers through traveling) remain skeptical to making huge on

– line purchases.

We understand that if we only promote this type of shopping in our Region, that the local retailers will face economic challenges and therefore it is imperative as a local clothing / consumer business in the Caribbean to keep up with the IT trends and WEB Technologies. We are at a point where everything is done digitally and there is no going back….

I can certainly give you some tips as to what works for me when I am choosing a Plus Size on-line retailer, especially for clothing or other Beauty consumer products:

  • Research the brand or the retailer: it is important to do your homework, evaluate the reviews

  • Ask questions: if in doubt contact the seller directly via mail or phone. Currently you can find almost all retailers on different Social Media platforms and even onMessenger Apps.

  • Try On: if you can travel and can visit these retailers, make it your business to do so. This will make your shopping experience on line so much easier because you would already know the fit and if the brand is true to size.

  • Asia: if ordering from Chinese retailers, I would suggest you up the sizes by 3 or 4 sizes, for their “plus size” runs small as they really do not have much perception of what Caribbean Curves entails.

  • Europe: they run you about 2 sizes smaller and you really must be careful on the hips area, this is the part that tends to be very tricky.

Regardless of your size or method, shopping as a woman should always be an experience. Not saying that things will never go wrong when shopping on line, but what I have found that works for me is that I have learned to balance both the on – line shopping with supporting my local retailers. And when looking at local retailers I focus on quality and evaluate if shipping and handling comes up to similar costs, then I just simply support My local stores.

For my Beauty & Fashion Blog: I get great support from my local retailers, they endorse and sponsor the blog. Internationally I am growing and I see this happening as well, but it will take some time. I invite you to browse and take a look at this blog, as I strive to maintain it with innovation, diversity and current trends about Plus Size & other women related topic.


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