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Historical Global Debut for Morgan Heritage's Critically Acclaimed Avrakedabra Album !!!

Historical Global Debut for Morgan Heritage's Critically Acclaimed Avrakedabra Album !!! Sold out shows and packed houses roared to a Reggae Night only the iconic Grammy award-winning siblings could deliver. As the royal family delivered their last encore on the European leg of the Avrakedabra World Tour, Avrakedabra album made it's historical debut. Morgan Heritage's inexhaustible energy, inspired vocals, confident showmanship and Rolling Stones-reminiscent endurance have endeared them to adoring crowds from the UK to the Netherlands. There are fewer and fewer artists who have the energy to keep a large room engaged for more than an hour and place emphasis on the live performance aspect of their craft, Morgan Heritage transcend traditional concert experience.

Entering the reggae iTunes charts on it's May 19th release date at #3 Australia, #2 France, #2 Germany, #1 Italy, #2 Japan, #2 Netherlands, #3 UK and #2 in the U.S. Grammy award-winning Morgan Heritage delivered a musical spell with Avrakedabra.

The spherical achievement is befitting since the untraditional creation of this album with recording sessions took place across 4 different continents highlighting the groups effort of taking Reggae music to the 4 corners of the Earth.

From the opening record “Want Some More” featuring Mr. Talkbox, the famed computerized voice featured on Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic, to a Royal appearance by Multi GRAMMY Award-Winning Ziggy Marley and Stephen Marley on “One Family”, Avrakedabra 15 tracks album satisfies the most sophisticated palates with authentic Reggae and an effusively eclectic mix. " Avrakedabra feels and represents the new Era that our career is about to enter." - Morgan Heritage



TRACK LISTING 1. Want Some More feat Mr. Talkbox 2. One Life to Live 3. One Family feat Ziggy Marley & Stephen Marley 4. Golden 5. Tribute to Ruggs feat Bunny Ruggs 6. Reggae Night feat Drezion 7. Selah 8. Read for Love feat R. City 9. Pineapple Wine 10. We are feat Kabaka Pyramid & Dre Island 11. Dream Girl 12. Ride and Roll 13. Harder Than You Know 14. Dancing in the Moonlight 15. Reggae Night (Global Remix) feat Chubb Rock, Stylo G, Timaya, Bunji Garlin, Stonebwoy, Drezion & Jaheil

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