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Dance Caribbean COLLECTIVE – Festival Coverage and Listings

The time is here! We are one week away from what we’ve been building towards as the Dance Caribbean COLLECTIVE (DCC). New Traditions Festival 2017: Our Caribbean Spirit begins next Friday June 16th for three nights of Caribbean storytelling through dance at the Mark Morris Dance Center. We invite you to submit your media request at least 3 days prior so we can secure you a good spot for you to cover the festival and all its thought provoking presentations and post show discussions.

This year’s featured piece, “Our Caribbean Spirit” Collaborative project, comprised of 8 dancers from the Caribbean Dance Community. These dancers along with DCC founder Candace Thompson, met twice a week – yanvalouing into a creative process that uplifted and interwove their embodied and collective knowledge. Movement and storytelling combined, they are creating a work that is reflective yet future bound – hence deeply rooted in a sankofic legacy. YES! With a wicked wine of the hips, a chip of the foot, they step in between time. These performers, fiercely committed, share a common love, and passion of Caribbean dance layered with their own personal stories that make this process magical.

As aforementioned we welcome you to an up close and personal view of DCC’s culminating work at the New Traditions Festival 2017. If you are interested in attending and covering the festival I would be more than happy to help arrange that for you. We also encourage you to join us for the close of the 2017 season with the DCC Dance-a-thon on Thursday June 22nd at Brooklyn Studios for Dance.

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