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Live Performance Video: Singer/Musician YOUNG MARCO Stops By Washington DC's #1 TV Morning Show

YOUNG MARCO, the 20 year-old BET Music Matters artist and musician is currently on the road in support of the "Georgia State" release as well as his annual "PROM TOUR", performing at several high school proms throughout the country, cities include; Austin, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Charlotte, Birmingham, Chattanooga, Miami, Chicago and Dallas, just to name a few. Last year, Young Marco released his debut EP, "4 Our Generation" to rave reviews. The 5-song video EP contains songs mostly written or co-written by Young Marco himself and included productions from The EDIMAH team as well as Eric “Cire” Crawford. The "EP" also included the now theme-song for proms across the country, "PROM". Later this summer, Young Marco will be releasing his sophomore EP, "A Week Alone".


Young Marco is a performer, singer, musician, and songwriter that oozes passion with every sound that he delivers. At the age of twenty, one would suggest Young Marco does not have enough life experiences to create such passion filled, relatable music, but through his musical genius he paints a very vivid visual of the minds of a young boy in comparison of a full life. It suggests that we should listen to our youth more because they have something to say!





Instagram: @IAm_YoungMarco

Twitter: @IAm_YoungMarco

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