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Celebrity Q&A: 10 Things to Know About Max Stone

Max Stone is best known as the Season 12 contestant from the X Factor UK who gave a flawless rendition to Bob Marley “Turn Your Lights Down Low”.

Since being on the X Factor UK in 2015, Max has continued to dive into his reggae roots having teamed up with Grammy award winning with Damian Marley and most recent with Ce'Cile for the collaboration of "Never Been Loved" .

CEM got the chance to learn more about this talented and amazing singer.

Your one favourite item of clothing?

I am not so much into material things so I don't think too much about what I wear as I usually just throw something on but if it had to be one thing I like my converse shoes .

If you were a Fruit, what kind would you be?

I would be a dragon fruit, where the looks can be deceived as the inside is the opposite of what you may believe it to be.

What movie title best describes your life?

Mad Max

If you could be a cartoon character for a week, who would you be?

Popeye, I don't really like spinach but if I could lift like him then I would eat it.

What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told?

The biggest lie, I have ever told was to myself. I told myself I had to be someone else to be accepted, but I realised if I can't accept myself then no-one can.

What’s the best pickup line you have ever used?

I have never used any pick-up lines, I prefer to keep it natural and start talking, if there's a connection, then this way it will be an honest one.

Favourite curse words? Knob Jockey

What’s your worse fear?


What’s your spirit animal?

I'm not sure yet, I like eagles, but I just did an online spirit animal quiz and it seems I'm a turtle.

If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life what would it be?

A change is gonna come by Sam Cooke

Who would make you totally star struck?

Last year I met Damien Marley which to me was a massive experience and made me so star struck I could barely talk. Other than him I would be speaking to Jimmy Cliff.

What would your last meal be?

Garlic prawns, Steak with mashed potatoes, cherry tomatoes and asparagus and a fat stack of profiteroles.

What’s one thing someone would be surprised to know about you?

I have a license in paragliding and scuba diving and enjoy things like surfing and rock climbing.


Keep up with Max Stone

Facebook: @maxpofficial

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