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Nesbeth Triumphs In Atlanta & Fort Lauderdale

Since releasing his latest efforts 'New Gangster' and ‘Success Story’ a few weeks apart, entertainer Nesbeth has seen a noticeable upsurge in demand across the North American landscape. Delivering a pair of performances at the Caribbean Village Cultural Festival in Fort Launderdale and the Atrium in Atlanta, Georgia over the past two weekends, the singles though relatively new continue to be favourites of patrons and fans alike. True to form the ‘My Dream’ hit-maker did not disappoint in the southern states unravelling performances encompassing his latest hits and classics but it was ‘Success Story’ and 'New Gangster', that arguably earned him two of the biggest forwards at both events to close off a commendable set. Chronicling snippets of his journey, Nesbeth says ‘Success Story’ and 'New Gangster' continues to hit a chord with fans in the diaspora and across various demographics, many of whom have personally confessed that the singles makes them ruminate on their own personal struggles and achievements .

Following his most recent performance over the weekend Nesbeth said, “I have performed at many venues across the globe with massive audiences but Atlanta is definitely one of those special place on my list of favourites.” He continued, “While I went there with no expectation I was given a hero’s welcome as though I was the prodigal son who had returned. It was very heartwarming to say the least and I am definitely looking forward to returning soon.” Produced on the Foota Hype Music (F.H.M) imprint, 'Success Story' is featured on the Motherland Rhythm. The ‘Rastafarian crooner also intimated that plans are afoot for 'New Gangster' and 'Success Story' official videos.

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