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Servant Records/JahLight Records (Digital Release Inside)

The various artists collection Flow on Riddim is based on a clever conceit: Reggae Gospel singers put their distinctive touch to a single soundtrack. The results are mixed but largely successful on this ten-track project.

The rock steady soundtrack the artists use as their base lopes along gracefully to the I-VIm-IV-V progression popularized by 1950s vocal harmony, or “doo wop,” groups. But it’s far from repetitive. The artists inject enough creative energy into their individual selections that the collection is a musical mirage of distinctive religious songs.

Lyrically, the differences are even more pronounced, though they all draw upon Biblical testimony for their message. If a general commentary on hope, encouragement, and acceptance runs through the album, each artist interprets the ideas differently. On “Keep Fighting,” Shem Meluce implores the listener to never stop believing. Amidst lovely harmonies, Richie Stanisclaus echoes this sentiment with a contemplation about grace on “I Am Yours.” S.O.N.G.’s “Crown” declares that we are all kings and queens inside and therefore worthy in God’s sight. And if it doesn’t always feel that way, Moses Henry’s “Trials” says that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Meanwhile Shekinah Productions’ “Born in Chains” says God gave us dominion over all and what happens in life is simply part of his plan. On “Grateful,” the female singer Virtuous offers thanks to God for demonstrating His love towards her by sending her a great soul mate. Emrand Henry’s “Heed the Warning,” however, brings a fire and brimstone message to mankind to “turn from your wicked ways.”

The final three (3) selections are the beautiful “Flow on Riddim” melodica cut, Keep Fighting dub and the instrumental soundtrack which gives album purchasers a chance to create their own version. The wonderful collection was made available worldwide on July 14th 2017.

Get the Flow On Riddim on all major digital distributors worldwide.

Flow On Riddim (Official Youtube Mix)



1. Emrand Henry - Heed the Warning

2. S.O.N.G - Crown

3. Virtuous - Grateful

4. Richie Stanisclaus - I am Yours

5. Moses Henry - Trials

6. Shekinah Productions - Born in Chains

7. Shem Meluce - Keep fighting

8. Flow On Riddim (Melodica Cut) - Jah Servant

9. Keep Fighting Dub - Jah Servant Feat Shem Meluce

10. Flow On Riddim - Servant Records and JahLight Records

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